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Mission Oaks Assisted Living & Memory Care

Wildwood, Florida

With spacious and unrestrained apartment styled living quarters, Mission Oaks was designed to accommodate couples, individuals and shared living arrangements. A strong emphasis was placed on ensuring that this new residence be functional and oozing with style.

Like the other homes you’ve lived in throughout your life, the intention was to make the residents feel like this community was built specifically for them, with features, amenities and thoughtful touches that result in an exclusive, one on one experience.  The neighborhood design of the building allows the residents to get to know their neighbors. A well adorned beauty/barber shop means that a bad hair day will never need to happen and the movie room offers a place to laugh and smile at some of the best theatrical performances! The soda shop offers a retro styled juke box and multiple activity rooms allow for lots of social time with friends.  

Type of Project

Assisted Living

Memory Care

Square Footage
28,256 SF


Number of Units
31 Units

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